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The Importance of Correction

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By Jason Murguz – Purple Belt 3rd Gup

Many times in our lives we find ourselves being corrected. When this correction comes, one may respond in one of two ways. One may let it become a barrier to their growth (becoming stale and eventually giving up), or one may choose to take the correction in stride and grow as a person while working to fix the mistakes being made.

In Chayon-Ryu we are called to seek perfection, even though we may never in this lifetime attain such a lofty goal. The only way for us as martial artists to seek perfection is to train. In our training we find that we may make mistakes, and our teacher may make corrections to our techniques. Some people take this personally while others do not. The key is to leave your ego at the door of the dojang! The sculpture (of our form) can only be made perfect by the master craftsman applying the chisel to the stone (that is our technique). Such alterations are done in order to chip away those imperfections so that we can become the best martial artist we can be!

In closing, it is important for us as students – and we are all students – to remember that our teachers correct us because they care for us. They care for our wellbeing. I would advise us all to strive to be the student who takes correction as what it is, another aspect of our learning experience in the natural Way. Do not forget that your teachers care for you. If they didn’t care, they would not correct us. Be sure to thank your teachers for helping you seek perfection!

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