The Importance of Correction

By Jason Murguz – Purple Belt 3rd Gup Many times in our lives we find ourselves being corrected. When this correction comes, one may respond in one of two ways. One may let it become a barrier to their growth (becoming stale and eventually giving up), or one may choose to take the correction in […]

Our Teachers, Our Guides

by Yolanda Horace, 5th Gup, Houston, Texas There are many times in the Dojang that students think they know more than the teacher. This seems to be more noticeable after every rank test. Students with newly colored belts want to start showing their skills by teaching, assisting the masters, etc. This is a great thing […]

The Circle of Sang Hwal Mu Do

By J.D. Haglan 1st Dan Black Belt Before entering the coaching profession of football I thought I knew a lot of the sport that I played for many years. As an assistant football coach I thought I knew a lot about coaching. Then when you get the opportunity to fulfill your dream of being a […]

Living the Dojang Hun

By Sabomnim Joshua Mitchell As human beings we are always in search of fulfillment. Looking for a means of satisfying our insatiable desires. To want something better or to reach a new level is an inherent part of our time on this earthly plane. So as martial arts practitioners, it goes without saying that we […]

The Real Secret to Success in Your Life

By Master David Mitchell The true secret to success cannot be found through the application of a tried and true formula. Honestly, the fact that no man can tell another how to reach success has become the ever-brighter reality in my life. I can only express my thoughts of what the secret to success has […]

Understand “Do” and “Sul”

By Master David Mitchell Around 15 years ago there was a brand new Martial Arts school which opened in a very good location here in Salisbury, N.C. At that time I had fifty students and a waiting list, just in case somebody needed to drop out. The man in charge of this school was not […]

What is Kong?

By Grandmaster Kim Soo, 10th. Dan & Founder, Chayon-Ryu Written by Sabomnim Graeme Cox Kong is merit or credit from your service and achievements. If two soldiers are up for promotion, their superior officers will look at their records to see their respective achievements. If one has many awards and the other has few, it […]

The Importance of Teaching Basic Principles

By Grandmaster Kim Soo, 10th. Dan & Founder, Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts Written by Sabomnim Graeme Cox ChaYon-Ryu is a scientific teaching method developed over many years of training and teaching. As such, it is under constant review, allowing further development and refinement of these teaching methods. It is vitally important that senior belts (blue and […]

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